Zoning / Rezoning

MapThe initial zoning of property is designated by the City Council at the time of annexation. This designation is typically assigned in keeping with the most current Comprehensive Plan at the time of annexation.

From time to time, the City Council considers the "rezoning" of property to a different designation. This action may be initiated by the property owner or on rare occasion, the city council itself. An owner-initiated rezoning request begins with an application for rezoning submittal following consultation with planning office staff. Once filed, the application is reviewed by the Planning Commission which forwards its recommendation to the City Council. The City Council makes the final determination as to approval of the application after considering the Planning Commission recommendation, current Comprehensive Plan, and any other factors it feels could impact the public good.

The period of time between application and final consideration of the City Council for a rezoning request is approximately 6 weeks. Property owners are encouraged to contact the planning office early in their consideration of making a rezoning request for information on the future land use in the Comprehensive Plan and other factors that may be considered by the Planning Commission and City Council relative to the request.