Yard Waste Collection

Please place your cart by the curb by 6 am on your pickup day. You should leave 5 feet of clearance around your cart.

Instructions for the Green Yard Waste Container

  • Do not bag yard waste
  • All small yard waste (grass clippings, small twigs, bush clippings) must be placed in the green cart for pick-up
  • Please leave five feet of clearance around the cart. Inaccessible carts will not be emptied
  • Place cart out for pick-up by 6 am on day of pick-up
  • Remove the cart from the curb by day after pick-up
  • Leaves may be placed at the curb in loose piles from November through February for leaf truck pick-up

Do not place the following items in the green yard waste containers:

  • Household garbage and junk
  • Concrete pavers or rock
  • Plant trays
  • Plastic bags
  • Planters of any kind
  • Car batteries
  • Tires
  • Lumber of any kind

Your green container will not be picked up if it has these items in it.

Instructions for Limb Pick-up

Large limbs may be placed at the curb for pick-up. If you place out more than what will fit on the back of two pick-up trucks, there will be an extra charge to remove the waste. Limbs must be no more than five feet in length. Limbs are picked up by the brush trucks on a monthly basis.

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