Housing SubdivisionThe Hartselle Planning Commission considers any movement of a property line within its jurisdiction to be a "subdivision" for review and approval purposes.

The Hartselle Subdivision Regulations are applicable to all property lying within the Hartselle city limits. The current city limits boundaries may be determined by viewing the GIS map on this site or contacting the planning office. The City of Hartselle does not enforce subdivision regulation outside of its city limits.

Any subdivision resulting in four or more lots or requiring the construction of a street is considered to be a "major subdivision," and is subject to all requirements of the Hartselle Subdivision Regulations relative to such a division.

Any subdivision resulting in 3 or fewer lots is considered to be a "certificate" division unless located within a previously platted subdivision, in which case they are considered to be a "replat" or "resubdivision." Requirements for all such subdivisions may be found in the Hartselle Subdivision Regulations.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the planning office early to confirm which type of subdivision their proposal will be and discuss requirements.